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Protecting your Prized Posessions

Like any good draconic treasurer, you want to make sure that your prized pieces stay in perfect shape. Follow the instructions below and your items will last you for many adventures to come.

Image by Matthew Tkocz

Wash Gently

Wipe items clean with a cold wet cloth and rinse in cold water (not hot!) if necessary. Mild detergent may be used.

Do not use hot water to clean, as this may warp the heat-sensitive plastic. 

Image by Timothy Meinberg

Keep out of sunlight

A little bit of sun is fine, but don't leave your items in the full sun. Colours may fade slightly,  but most importantly your mug won't last as long.

Image by Matthew Tkocz

Cold Beverages only

Mythic Mugs are for cold beverages only -  enjoy that coffee iced!

Image by Victoria Alexandrova

Don't Scrub

Avoid abrasive cleaning as the plastic may scuff or lose detail. Especially on painted items, this may cause the paint or varnish to chip or peel, encouraging further damage over time.

Image by Muhammad Syahid Abdillah

Always use a can or insert

Mythic mugs cannot be drunk from directly. The micro grooves left behind from the 3D printing process provide areas that may not be able to be cleaned properly, allowing bacteria to develop and potentially causing harm.

If you would like to use your mugs as a drinking vessel directly, we have a limited stock of Tossware POP mugs that mimic a 375mL can and provide a reusable insert for cold beverages. 


Hand wash only

3D printed items are NOT dishwasher safe and may warp under heat.

Image by Matthew Tkocz

Not for combat

We've made sure that all of our items are strong enough to withstand gentle use over time, but should not be treated roughly just in case. Avoid impacts, especially around thin or fragile areas or where the handle meets the mug. 

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